Serial No.
1 Talk on "Stress: Impact and management" by Dr. Bibhu Kalyan Sahu, MD (Asst. Professor, Dept of Psychiatry, MKCG Medical College, Berhampur) 06/11/2019
2 One Day Automatic Robotics Workshop. 03/11/2019
3 Institute Colloquium on "Organic semiconducting materials and devices for wearable healthcare applications" by Prof. Dipak Kumar Goswami. 25/10/2019
4 Workshop on " RAD@Home Astronomy" by Ananda Hota. 19/10/2019
5 Institute Colloquium on "Black hole-galaxy co-evolution study using GMRT and RAD@home Citizen Science Research" by Ananda Hota, Time : 17:30 - 18:30, Venue : Auditorium 18/10/2019
6 Institute Colloquium on "Water, So Common, So Mysterious" by Prof. Richard Zare, Stanford University, USA 19/09/2019
7 Institute Colloquium on "Why is Biology Exciting?" by S. C. Lakhotia, Banaras Hindu University (BHU) 11/09/2019
8 Institute Colloquium on "Data Science: Relevance, Fundamentals and Applications" by Mr. Ajay Sarkar, Tata Steel Ltd. 23/08/2019
9 Institute Colloquium on "Discover Your Purpose for Elite Success" by Ms. Hiti Rangnani. 09/08/2019
10 Colloquium on "Nuclear isomers : a powerful microscope for probing solid State Phenomenon at short length and time scales" by Prof. S. N. Mishra, Department of Nuclear & Atomic Physics, TIFR, Mumbai 12/04/2019
11 Talk on "Design and Construction of Time Projection Chamber for sPHENIX." by Ms. Niveditha Ram 16/04/2019
12 Colloquium on "Information processing with photonic and plasmonic structures" by Prof. Venu Gopal Achanta 29/03/2019
13 Talk on "Studies on the surface properties of Langmuir-Blodgett films of some biological and mesogenic molecules" by Arup Sarkar 08/03/2019
14 Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan (RUSA) Webcast 03/02/2019
15 Science Open Day "STREAM-2019" 02/02/2019
16 Fundamental Theorem of Integral Calculus (FTIC) - Its many Avatars 17/01/2019
17 Workshop on "Effective Writing Skills for Workplace Communication" 12/11/2018
18 Institute Talk by Dr. Adinarayana Doddi (Germany) 12/11/2018
19 Institute Colloquium : Modern Mathematics for Modern People by Prof. Olivier Ramare. 26/10/2018
20 Institute Colloquium : Heterodimer of N-Heterocyclic Carbene (NHC) and Cyclic Alkyl Amino Carbene (CAAC) by Dr. Anukul Jana' 05/10/2018
21 Institute Colloquium : The most vortical and hottest perfect fluid in the highest magnetic field by Prof. Zhangbu Xu 22/09/2012
22 Talk on "Computational Gastronomy: The emerging data science of food, flavors and health" by Dr. Ganesh Bagler 11/09/2018
23 Talk on "Infectious Disease Risk in a Changing World" by Dr. Debapriyo Chakraborty 12/09/2018
24 "De-confined state of Quarks and Gluons – Quark Gluon Plasma" by Prof. Bedangadas Mohanty NISER Bhubaneshwar 17/08/2018
25 Institute seminar on Romancing Ecology by Prof. T. R. Rao 30/07/2018
26 3 day Workshop on NMR Spectroscopy 20/09/2018
27 Admission and Registration of BS-MS (Dual Degree) cum Guidelines 27/07/2018
28 Indian Classical Music Concert in IISER Berhampur 01/08/2018