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Biological Sciences

BIO 101: Introduction to Biological Sciences (Credit, 3)

Course Content:

  1. Why is biology exciting? What is life? What are the basic properties of life? How do biologists study them? What kind of questions biologists are interested in?
  2. Origin & evolution of life: Theories of origin of life and evidence of evolution.
  3. Tree of life: History of life, Diversification of life - a timeline, Logic behind the tree and classification.
  4. Bacteria and Archaea
  5. Protists
  6. Fungi
  7. Viruses and their place in the tree of life
  8. Theories of origin of eukaryotes
  9. Animals
  10. Plants
  11. Biological information: Its nature, mechanisms of expression and transmission of information: genetic, epigenetic mechanisms of inheritance; Central dogma of molecular biology.
  12. Physiology and Behaviour: Physiology and concept of homeostasis, thermoregulation in animals, hormonal control of plant and animal behaviour
  13. Biodiversity and conservation biology: Biogeography, Threats to extant biodiversity (habitat loss and degradation, Invasive species, Pollution, Over-exploitation, global climate change); In-situ and ex-situ conservation; Biodiversity of India.

Suggested Books:

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