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Biological Sciences

BIO 102: Biochemical and Cellular basis of life (Credit, 3)

  1. Elemental Composition of biomolecules and importance of carbon.
  2. Properties of water, hydrogen bonding- biochemical properties and importance.
  3. Concept of pH, pKa and buffers. Bioenergetics, laws of thermodynamics & reaction kinetics.
  4. Structure & function of biological macromolecules,
    Nucleotides and Nucleic Acids: structure and function of DNA & RNA
    Monosaccharides and Carbohydrates: importance in metabolism & cell function
    Amino acids and Proteins: Physical & Chemical properties of amino acids and primary, secondary,tertiary & quaternary structure of proteins
    Lipids and fatty acids: simple & complex lipids and introduction to sterols
  5. Central themes of metabolism. Introduction to metabolic pathways, general principles underlying the design of metabolic pathways.
  6. Elementary enzymology, pathway integration and regulation.
  7. Basic idea of Cell, Cell functions: cell as a unit of life and the site for life processes.
  8. Prokaryotic cell and Eukaryotic cell - Structure and function (Overview of cell wall, cell membrane, cytoplasm and components therein, cytoskeleton and cell motility).
  9. Structure and functions of cell organelles: Mitochondria, Chloroplasts, Golgi, ER and lysosomes.
  10. Mechanism of perpetuation of life at molecular, cellular, organismal and population levels: DNA/RNA replication, cell division & cell cycle, sexual and asexual reproduction:

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