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Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Berhampur

Biological Sciences

BIO 302: Biochemistry I - Advanced Enzymology (Credit, 4)

Course Contents:

An introduction to enzymes: A historical perspective, rate of a reaction, activation energy, introduction to enzyme kinetics, Km, Vmax and Kcat calculation, Enzyme inhibition (Competitive and non competitive), IC50, Allostery, cooperativity, Hill’s coefficient; Mechanism of enzyme action,

Molecular mechanism of enzyme function,

Ribozymes: discovery, mechanism of action, structural and evolutionary perspective, RNA World Hypothesis.

Structure and Catalysis: Biochemical interactions,

Prosthetic groups, coenzymes and cofactors, NAD, FAD. Vitamins. Mechanism of energy production: mitochondrial electron transport chain and Chemo-osmotic theory;

Suggested Books:

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