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Biological Sciences

BIO 305: Plant Physiology (3)

Course Contents:

Objective of the course is to familiarize the students with the fundamentals of plant biology. What is a plant? Introduction to anatomy, cell biology and development of plants and its organs. Discuss our current understanding of key concepts and explore the still open questions.

  1. Plants: Evolutionary history and diversity
    1.1 Introduction to Plant phylogeny
    1.2 Evolution and diversity of growth forms
  2. Plant forms: Morphology and anatomy of flowering plants
    2.1 Introduction to plant body structure
    2.2 Development and function of plant organs
  3. Plant cell biology and growth regulators
    3.1 Plant cell, cell wall and tissue types
    3.2 Cell division, growth, differentiation and senescence
    3.3 Phytohormones: types and functions
  4. Plant reproduction and phase transition
    4.1 Introduction to plant reproduction
    4.2 Regulation of flowering in plants
  5. Photosynthesis and plant respiration
    5.1 Photosynthesis
    5.2 Plant respiration
  6. Plant nutrition and transport systems
    6.1 Introduction to plant vascular system
    6.2 Water uptake and transport
    6.3 Nutrient uptake and transport
  7. Plant interactions and adaptations
    7.1 Plant-plant interactions
    7.2 Plant- microbe interaction (plant-pathology)
    7.3 Plant symbiosis
  8. Plant Biotechnology and applications
    8.1 GMOs

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