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Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Berhampur

Biological Sciences

BIO 411: Advances in Microbiology (4)

Prerequisites: BIO 309: Microbiology Biochemistry and Molecular Biology courses are added advantage.

Learning Objectives:

The course will primarily focus on bacterial physiology, intracellular and cell to cell signaling, adaption in bacteria and gene regulation in bacteria. Other advanced topics of special interest will also be discussed.

Course Contents:

Microbial taxonomy; Microbial metabolism; Energy production in eubacteria; Energy production in archaea; Microbial genetics; Modes of DNA transfer in bacteria; Bacteriophage biology; Phage display and lambda DNA library. Virus classification; Lytic and temperate phage; Bacteriophage genetics and gene regulation; Microbial Ecology; Nitrogen cycle; Sulphur cycle; Microbial Physiology; Mechanism of drug resistance; Signal Transduction in bacteria; Quorum sensing and Two component system; Stringent response in bacteria; Applied Microbiology (Food microbiology, Microbes and agriculture, Industrial microbiology).

Suggested Books:

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