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Earth and Environmental Sciences

EES 101: Introduction to Earth System Sciences (3)

Learning Objectives:

To introduce students to the emerging discipline of Earth Sciences.

Course Contents:

Unit-1: Introduction to ESS: scope, sub-disciplines and relationship with other branches of sciences..

Unit-2: Origin of the Universe and stars, Solar System- Introduction to various planets and Meteorites, Earth in the solar system, origin, differentiation.

Unit-3: Mechanical layering of the Earth: lithosphere, asthenosphere, mantle and core. Origin of atmosphere and evolution of atmosphere. Earth’s magnetic field, Geothermal gradient and internal heat of the Earth.

Unit-4: Earth's Surface Processes: Weathering and Erosion. Landforms in deserts, glaciated regions and river valleys.

Unit-5: Age of the Earth; radioactivity and its application in determining the age of the Earth. Geological Time Scale, Life through ages and Mass Extinction.

Unit-6: Global warming, Ice ages and snowball Earth.

Suggested Readings :

  1. John Grotzinger, Thomas H. Jordan: Understanding the Earth
  2. Stephen Marshak: Essentials of Geology
  3. Arthur Holmes: Holmes Principles of Physical Geology
  4. Mukerjee P. K: Textbook of Geology

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