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Earth and Environmental Sciences

EES 102: Introduction to Environmental Sciences (3)

Learning Objectives:

Introduce students to the emerging discipline of environmental science. Create awareness amongst students for being environmental sensitive and install a sense of urgency towards environmental protection.

Course Contents:

Unit-1: Introduction, Definition, scope and importance, multi-disciplinary nature of environmental sciences.

Unit-2: Natural resources, renewable and non-renewable (forest, water, mineral, food, energy and land/soil).

Unit-3: Ecosystems: definition, concept, structure & function (producers, consumers, decomposers), energy flow, ecological succession, food chain, food web, ecological pyramids, specialised ecosystems (forest, grassland, aquatic, desert, etc.).

Unit-4: Biodiversity: introduction, definition, biogeographical classification of India, value of biodiversity, global to local biodiversity, India, a mega-biodiverse country, biodiversity hotspots, threats to biodiversity, concept of conservation (in-situ, ex-situ).

Unite-5: Environmental pollution: Definition, causes, effects and control of air, water, soil, marine, noise & thermal pollution, solid waste management, disaster management, prevention of pollution.

Unit-6: Social issues & the environment: unsustainable use of resources, urban issues, water (conservation, harvesting, watershed management), environmental ethics, waste-land restoration.

Unit-7: Environmental laws & legislations in India: environmental protection act, air act, water act, forest act, wildlife protection act, biological diversity act, implementation of laws & regulations.

Unit-8: Human population & environment: population explosion, food security, health, equitable sharing & justice.

Suggested Readings :

  1. Erach Bharucha (2021). Text book for Environmental studies (3rd edition), University Grants Commission.
  2. Khoiyangbam and Gupta (2012). Introduction to Environmental Sciences. TERI, New Delhi.

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