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PHY 101: Mechanics (3)

Learning Objectives:

The course will introduce foundations of Newton's laws of mechanics and its application to many particle sytems, rotational motion, non-intertial systems. The course will also introduce the theory of special relativity.

Course Contents:

Kinematics and Kinetics: Introduction, Newton’s laws of motion, Frames of reference,Momentum, Momentum of system of particles, Conservation laws, Center of mass, Variable mass system, Collision in laboratory and Center of mass system and Scattering.

Oscillations: Small oscillations, damped harmonic oscillation and forced oscillation, Q factor and resonance. Rigid body motion: Rigid body, Moment of inertia, Rigid body kinematics, Rigid body kinetics, Motion of gyroscope. Non Inertial Frame: Physics in the rotating coordinate system, Fictitious force. Central force and Motion of planets and satellites. Relativity:Axioms of relativity, Lorentz transformation, length contraction, time dilation, relativistic mass energy,Doppler effect.

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