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PHY 201: Waves and Introductory Optics (3 Credit)

Learning Objectives:

Waves:: Wave equation, superposition of waves with same and different frequency, Lissajous figures, standing waves, Travelling wave on a string, Dispersive non dispersive beats, Wave dispersion, Propagation of sound in air. Wave hitting an interface (waves on string).

BoundaryConditions: reflection and transmission at the boundary. Impedance matching at interface.Geometrical Optics: Paraxial approximation, lens aberration, Optical systems and resolving power. Prisms and cameras. Huygens and Fermat's principle of reflection and refraction,Imaging and lenses, Ray matrix approach to Gaussian optics.Interference, Young's double slit experiment, coherence, diffraction by single slit and circular aperture, polarization.

Suggested Books:

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