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PHY 202: Quantum Physics (3)

Course Contents:

Double-slit experiment, Frank Hertz Experiment, Stern Gerlach experiment.

Discrete spectra and Bohr model: Review of Bohr atom model, its successes and failures.

Particle properties of waves : black body radiation, photoelectric effect, Compton effect, X-ray diffraction, pair production.

Wave properties of particle: de Broglie wavelength, wave particle duality, phase and group velocities, particle/electron diffraction, particle in a box, uncertainty principle. Schrödinger equation, linearity, superposition, operators, eigenvalues and eigenfunctions of operators,expectation values, particle in a box, finite well potential, tunnelling, harmonic oscillator.

Hydrogen atom: Setup Schrödinger equation (W/o derivation) for hydrogen atom. Analyse energy states and quantum numbers (comparison with Bohr model).

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