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PHY 310: Waves and Optics (4)

Learning Objectives:

In this course, students will be introduced to fundamental concepts of waves and classical optics with application to interference and diffraction.

Course Contents:

Maxwell's equations: Wave equation, plane, spherical and cylindrical wave solutions, beam like solution

Boundary conditions: reflection and transmission at the boundary

Propagation of light in anisotropic media

Coherence: Spatial and temporal

Polarization and double refraction, quarter and half wave plates

Geometrical optics: Paraxial approximation, lens aberrations, ray matrix  approach to Gaussian optics, optical systems and resolving power

Interference: Division of wavefront (Young's double slit) and amplitudes  (Newton's rings, Michelson interferometer), multiwave interference-
Febry-Perot interferometer, thin optical coatings (single and multilayer), interference filters

Diffraction: Huygen-Fresnel and Kirchhoff's theories Fresnel diffraction: rectangular, circular and zone plates

Fraunhoffer diffraction: Slits (single, double) and Grating and circular aperture

Introduction to metamaterials

Suggested Books:

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