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PHY 315:  Theory of Relativity (4)

Pre-Einstein Relativity: Inertial and non-inertial frames; Galilean relativity; Michelson-Morley experiment; Concepts of aether

Einstein’s Relativity: Postulates of the special theory of relativity; Lorentz transformations; Length contraction; Time dilations; Simultaneity; Velocity addition theorem; Aberration; Doppler effect; Mass energy relation

Algebra of Lorentz Transformations: Proper time and the light cone; Intervals; Minkowski metric; Causality; Lorentz transformations as orthogonal transformations in 4 dimensions; 4-vectors and tensors; Covariance of the equations of physics; Relativistic momentum and energy; Variation of mass with velocity

Relativistic Particle Kinematics: Kinematics of decay products of an unstable particle; Centre of momentum transformation and reaction thresholds; Transformation of scattering cross section; Momenta and energies from CM to laboratory systems

Incompleteness of Special Theory of Relativity: Non-intertial reference frames; The Equivalence Principle; Gravitational red shift and time delay; Towards General Relativity

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