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PHY 421: Quantum Field Theory II (4)

Prerequisite: PHY 415/615: Quantum Field Theory-I

Introduction: Why should we study “Path integral quantization”?

Review of path integral formulation of quantum mechanics

Path integral formulation of interacting scalar field theory: Correlation functions, Feynman Rules, Functional derivatives, Generating functional.

Path integral for Fermion fields: Anti commutating numbers, the Dirac propogator, Generating functional.

Path inegral for QED.

Non-abelian gauge theories and quantization: Gauge invariance, Yang-Mills action, Feynman rules, Faddeev-Popov ghost fields, BRST.

UV divergences and renormalization: explicit one loop renormalization for interacting gauge theory.

RG: calculation of beta function.

Spontaneous symmetry breaking: Goldstone boson, Higgs mechanism.

Standard model (GSW model, the Lagrangian, different gauge groups, representations and transformation of different fields, Higgs mechanism).

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