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PHY 445: Emerging Memory Devices and Technologies

Si technology-based memory concepts: Fundamentals of MOSFET devices, dynamic random-access memory (DRAM), basic operation, integration aspects, high k dielectrics in DRAM, stability and reliability issues, Flash memory, 3-D and embedded flash memory technologies and challenges.

Future non-volatile memory concepts:

Resistive switching memory (RRAM): classification of RRAM types, resistive switching mechanisms, electrochemical metallization systems/CBRAM, valence change systems, thermochemical systems, scaling potentials and architectures, stability and reliability issues, present status and future challenges, etc.

Phase change memory (PCM): Phase change materials and thin film properties, requirements, principle of phase change memory, phase change memory devices and integration, scaling properties, stability and reliability issues, present status and future challenges, etc.

Magnetoresistive memory (MRAM): Anisotropies, Interlayer exchange coupling, giant magnetoresistance, tunnel magneto resistance, spin transfer-torque (STT-RAM), racetrack memory, spin transistor, implementation of MRAM devices, magnetic hard discs, stability and reliability issues, etc.

Ferroelectric memory (FeRAM) and ferroelectric transistor (FeFET): Basics of ferroelectric phenomena, ferroelectric materials and thin film properties, FeRAM circuit design, thin film integration, failure mechanism, future challenges.

Other emerging memory concepts such as molecular, nanowires, quantum dots and polymers based memory devices and unconventional applications of these memory devices.



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