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PHY 513: Introduction to Astronomy and Astrophysics (4)

Introduction: Brief overview of the universe: Solar system and beyond.

Motions in the Sky: the Celestial Sphere, Coordinate Systems, the Ecliptic, Precission of the Equinoxes, proper motion.

Brightness measurements: Flux and UVB system, apparent and absolute magnitudes. Velocity and distance measurements.

Radiative processes in astrophysics: Radiative transfer, Blackbody radiation, Einstein coefficients, Bremsstrahlung, Cylotron & Synchrotron radiation, Thomson & Compton scattering, inverse Compton scattering

Physics of stars: stellar structure and composition, evolution, compact stellar Objects

Interstellar medium: composition, radiative heating and cooling, ISM phases, HII regions

The Milky Way: Structure, kinematics, differential rotation, oort's constant

Normal galaxies: Morphological classification of galaxies, spiral and elliptical galaxies, density wave theory of spiral structure, Galactic dynamics, stellar relaxation, dynamical friction, rotation curves and dark matter, galaxy clusters, gravitational lensing

Active galaxies: active galactic nuclei, classification, unified model of AGN, quasar absorption lines

Cosmology: High redshift universe, CMBR, structure formation

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