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PHY 538: Spintronics: Fundamentals and Applications (4)

Prerequisites:Condensed matter and/or Magnetism or Magnetic Materials


Course Contents:

History and overview of spin electronics; Classes of magnetic materials; The early history of spin; Quantum Mechanics of spin; The Bloch sphere; Spin-orbit Interaction.

Exchange interaction; Spin relaxation mechanisms; spin relaxation in a quantum dots; The spin Galvanic effect; Basic electron transport; Spin-dependent transport; Spin dependent tunneling; Andreev Reflection at ferromagnet and Superconductor interfaces; Spintransfer torques.

Spin-transfer drive magnetic dynamics; Current-driven switching of magnetization and domain wall motion; Domain wall scattering and Current Induced switching in ferromagnetic wires; Spin injection, spin accumulation, and spin current, Spin hall effect, Silicon based spin electronic devices.

Spin LEDs: Fundamental and applications, Spin photoelectronic devices based on Heusler alloy, Electron spin filtering, Materials for spin electronics, Nanostructures for spin electronics, Deposition techniques, micro and nanofabrication techniques.

Spin-Valve and spin-tunneling devices: Read Heads, MRAMS, Field Sensors, Spintronic Biosensors, Spin transistors, Quantum Computing with spins.

Suggested Books:

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