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PHY 613:  Ultrafast Optics and Spectroscopy (4)

Basics laser theory: Einstein coefficient and light amplification, laser rate equations, cavity modes, transverse and longitudinal mode selection, coherence properties.

Ultrashort pulse generation: Active and passive mode-locking, mode-locking using optical Kerr Effect.

Ultrafast-pulse measurement methods: Electric field auto-correlations and power spectrum, Intensity autocorrelations, frequency resolved optical gating (FROG).

Manipulation of ultrashort pulses: Pulse shaping techniques.

Ultrafast time-resolved spectroscopy: Forced wave equations, second harmonic generation, Propagation equation for nonlinear refractive index media, nonlinear Schrodinger equation, self-phase modulation, modulation instability and solitons.

Ulatrafast time-resolved spectroscopy: Degenerate and non-degenerate pump-probe transmission measurements, stimulated Raman scattering.

Terahertz electromagnetic radiations: THz generation and detection, THz time domain spectroscopy and imaging.

Introduction to atto-second science.

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