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PHY 614: Advanced Condensed Matter Physics (4)

Prerequisite:  PHY 403: Condensed Matter Physics

Review of basic postulates of magnetism, direct and indirect exchange interaction, Zener-double exchange interactions, super-exchange interactions, ferro-, antiferro-, ferri-magnetism, spin glasses.

Oxide based modern magnetic materials: Ferrites and magnetic technology based on it, Giant magnetoresistance: Exchange in magnetic multilayers; Colossal magnetoresistance materials, charge- and orbital-ordering, phase-separation; electric, magnetic and photo control of physical properties.

Dilute magnetic semiconductors, Introduction to spin electronics and technology based on it. Thin film technology of magnetic materials.

Review of basic postulates of superconductivity, High temperature supercondtivity, Josephson junctions, SQUID magnetometer, recent advances in superconductors: MgB2, Fe-based superconductors, etc.

Ferroelectricity, Multiferroicity, magnetoelectricity

Introduction to nanotechnology and nanoscience: Carbon nanotubes and fullerenes.

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