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PHY 622: Advanced Topics in Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics (4)

Prerequisite: PHY 303: Quantum Mechanics-I
                      PHY 304: Quantum Mechanics-II

Learning Objectives:

Current trends in condensed matter physics will be discussed in this course. Some of the topics to be taught include topological insulators, topological superconductors, quantum hall effect and phase transitions.

Course Contents:

Second quantization for bosons and fermions. 

Lattice vibrations: waves and phonons in graphene. Different bending modes of graphene, Landau levels, oscillations of magnetization (de Haas  van Alphen), diamagnetism Landau and  magnetic susceptibility of electron gas in graphene.

Graphene: band structure and Dirac spectrum. 

Various generalizations: bilayer graphene, edge modes in ribbons, The birth of topological insulators, Berry phase, topological indices, Topological order and the quantum spin hall effect, Addiabatìc transport.

Suggested Books:

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