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PHY 624: Defects in Materials (4 Credit)

Course Content:

Brief introduction to perfect crystals including lattice geometry, point group, space group and crystal structures.

Defect classification in crystalline systems - Point defects in metallic ionic and covalent crystals equilibrium and non-equilibrium defects dislocations, continuum and atomistic theory, dislocations in different lattices, dislocation reactions, interaction and multiplication of dislocations, dislocation sources, glide, cross slip, climb - Stacking faults, twinning - Grain boundaries, angle and high angle boundaries, special boundaries, ledges, inter-phase boundaries.

Defect interactions - interaction between point defects and dislocations, interaction between precipitates and dislocations.

Brief overview of role of defects in controlling optical, electrical, magnetic, semiconducting and superconducting properties of materials.

Brief introduction to techniques for characterization of defects.


Prerequisites: Condensed Matter Physics, Thermodynamics

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