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PHY 626: Piezoelectric Material Fundamentals and Applications (4 Credit)

Course Content:

Crystallography: General principles, Rochelle salt, alpha and beta quartz, stereographic projection.

Crystal Elasticity: Introduction, primary and secondary effects, thermodynamic potential, stress and strain, compressibility, adiabatic constants, transformation of components of stress and strain, general equations, specialization of certain groups.

Vibrations of crystals: normal modes, longitudinal vibrations, equivalent system with single degree of freedom, harmonics, various types of vibrations.

Principle of Piezoelectricity: Fundamental equations, piezoelectric classes, electrostriction, thermodynamic formulations of piezoelectric theory.

Measurements of piezoelectric effects: orientation and electrodes, compression, shear, torsion, measurements of piezoelectric constant, dynamic measurements and applications of piezoelectric materials such as sensors, actuators, motors, etc.


Prerequisites:Condensed Matter Physics, Thermodynamics

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