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BS-MS (Dual Degree) programme consists of mandatory, common courses (core courses) for all disciplines during the first two years and discipline-dependent professional courses during the remaining three years. Core courses include topics from all the four science disciplines in addition to interdisciplinary courses in earth and environmental sciences, and humanities and social sciences. During the final year, BS-MS students are required to undertake project work with a faculty supervisor, relevant to their major discipline.

In addition to majoring in one of the four science disciplines, BS-MS students can also minor in another discipline by fulfilling criteria specified by individual departments. The curriculum and other criteria for successfully completing the BS-MS programme in various disciplines are documented in the Undergraduate (UG) Manual.

Ph.D. programme consists of course work, qualifying/comprehensive examination, seminars, and a thesis. Ph.D. students from all disciplines will have to register for a minimum of 24 course credits (16 course credits for lateral entry Ph.D. students)

Besides the mandatory requirements, students are encouraged to participate in several professional activities such as workshops, review meetings and conferences. All doctoral students are also expected to participate in the undergraduate teaching programme of the Institute as a part of their training. The curriculum and other criteria for successfully completing the Ph.D. programme in various disciplines are documented in the Postgraduate (PG) Manual.


Subject Code:

BIO Biological Sciences
CHM Chemical Sciences
CDS Computer and Data Sciences
EES Earth and Environmental Sciences
HSS Humanities and Social Sciences
MTH Mathematical Sciences
PHY Physical Sciences

Three Digit Numbers:

All course codes will consist of a three-digit number in addition to the subject code. The first digit from left denotes the year for which the course is offered (1 to 6). The last digit indicates the semester (odd digits for odd semesters and even digits for even semester). The last digit convention is applicable for undergraduate courses only.

Illustrative Examples: