Digital Polarimeter:

Spectrometer With TCSPC System
A polarimeter is a scientific instrument used to measure the angle of rotation caused by passing polarized light through an optically active substance. The Rudolph Autopol II comes with two built-in wavelengths that are selectable via the touch screen: 589nm and 546nm.

Make & Model : RUDOLPH RESEARCH ANALYTICAL, Digital Polarimeter Autopol II
Installation Date : 10.01.2019
Current Location : Room no. – 215, 2nd floor

Important Features of the System:

  1. Measuring modes: Optical Rotation, Specific Rotation, Specific Rotation Plus Concentration, User Defined Scale, Sugar Degrees, °Z(ISS).
  2. Resolution: 0.01° Arc Optical Rotation, 0.01% Concentration, 0.01 Specific Rotation.
  3. Accuracy: 0.01° Arc Optical Rotation, 0.03°Z (ISS) Sugar Degrees.
  4. Prism: Glen Thompson Calcite.
  5. Measurable wavelengths: 365nm, 405nm, 436nm, 578nm, and 633nm wavelengths. (A total of 2-4 wavelengths may be ordered initially or as needed).
  6. Measuring range: ± 89° Arc Optical Rotation, ± 999.99° Arc Specific Rotation, 0-99.9% Concentration.
  7. User interface: touch screen.

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