Kugelrohr Short Path Distillation Unit:

Kugelrohr Short Path Distillation Unit
The instrument is suitable for the use of small volume of distillation, sublimation, freeze – drying or drying of small samples.

Make & Model : BUCHI, Glass oven B-585 Kugelrohr
Installation Date : 21.08.2019
Current Location : Room no. – 411, 4th floor

Important Features of the System:

  1. Manifold capabilities: Sublimation, freeze-drying, distillation or drying.
  2. Instrument fitted with clear glass oven.
  3. Temperature regulation range: 40-300°C.
  4. Fitted with a Buchi digital vacuum diaphragm pump: Maximum vacuum 1 mbar.
  5. Distillation volume: max. 10-50ml.

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