Liquid Nitrogen Plant:

Gel Permeation Chromatographic system
Nitrogen is separated from compressed ambient air (consisting of 78% nitrogen) using adsorption desorption process. Subsequently, the nitrogen is condensed and stored as liquid in storage container under positive pressure.

Make & Model : Stirling Cryogenics B.V. ,StirLIN-1 Compact
Installation Date : 28.11.2019
Current Location : Room no. – 06, Ground floor

Important Features of the System:

  1. Capacity: 10 l/h at atmospheric pressure.
  2. Purity: > 99%.
  3. Liquid nitrogen storage capacity: 500litres.
  4. Liquid nitrogen production start-up time: <20min .
  5. Maintenance interval: twice a year.
  6. Working gas : Helium.
  7. Filling pressure : 22bar@50Hz.

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