The vision of IISER Berhampur encompasses creation of research institute/centres of the highest caliber in which teaching and education in basic sciences will be totally integrated with state-of-the-art research. IISERs are devoted to under-graduate and post-graduate teaching in sciences in an intellectually vibrant atmosphere of research and make education and career in basic sciences more attractive by providing opportunities in integrative teaching and learning of sciences.


  • To create quality education and research in basic sciences.
  • To attract and nurture high-quality academic faculty.
  • To create integrated Masters Programme in sciences, in order to provide entry into research at a younger age. In addition, the Institutes will have integrated programmes leading to Masters and Ph.Ds to those who hold a Bachelor’s degree in science.
  • To make possible a flexible borderless curriculum in sciences.
  • To actively forge strong relationship with existing universities and colleges and network with laboratories and institutions.
  • To establish advanced Research Laboratories and Central facilities.