American Chemical Society

ACS is the leading publisher of 60 + peer-reviewed research journals in the chemical and related sciences, serving scientific communities worldwide through an unparalleled commitment to quality, reliability, and innovation. Online access to the entire collection of journals is available through ACS Web Edition and ACS Legacy Archives.

Full-text access from1996

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American Mathematical Society

This database provides access to the latest peer-reviewed journals in mathematics from the American Mathematical Society (AMS). The site can be used to search, browse, and print articles for specific disciplines or general-purpose mathematics research. The AMS has published peer-reviewed journals of mathematical research for over 100 years.

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American Physical Society

The American Physical Society (APS) is a professional organization of physicists. The APS journal collection provides access to 13 leading peer-reviewedjournal in Physics.

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American Society of Plant Biologists (ASPB)

American Society of Plant Biologist (ASPB) is a professional society devoted to the advancement of the plant sciences. It publishes two world-class journals and organizes conferences, and other activities that are key to the advancement of science.ASPB collection provides perpetual access to 02 titles for the year 2019.

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Annual Reviews

Annual Reviews is a nonprofit publisher dedicated to synthesizing and integrating knowledge for the progress of science and the benefit of society. It has a collection of 46 review series in specific disciplines in science and social science. The Annual Review journals collection provides access of 02 titles for 2020.

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BioCyc (Free)

BioCyc is a comprehensive resource for data on genes, metabolites, and metabolic pathways for more than 7,600 microbes and other species. BioCyc provides access to data in over 9,000 individual databases and also provides a comprehensive set of informatics tools for data query, visualization,andanalysis.

bioRxiv (Free)

A free online archive and distribution service for unpublished preprints in the life sciences operated by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

ChemRxiv: The preprint server for Chemistry (Free)

ChemRxiv is a chemistry preprint server for global chemistry community. The database is launched by taking initial strategic input from ACS, RSC and German Chemical Society. The database is managed by ACS and powered by figshare.

EMBO Press

EMBO Press is an editorially independent publishing platform for the development of EMBO scientific publications. EMBO Press represents the policies and practices of the five EMBO scientific publications that serve the global life science community. EMBO Press Innovations, Rockefeller University Press and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press have partnered for the open-access, not-for-profit journal Life Science Alliance. The EMBO journal collection provides perpetual access of 02 titles for 2019.

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Encyclopedia of Life (Free)

A free online resource is bringing together information about all life on Earth in the text, images, video, sounds, maps, classifications.

IOPScience (Institute of Physics)

IOPscience is an online service for journal content published by the Institute of Physics. It contains more than 300,000 articles, from 1874 to the present day. It provides access to 76 physics journals.

Full-text access from2009

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International Plant Name Index (IPNI) (Free)

IPNI is a joint project with the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and the Australian National Herbaria to provide an online database of the names and associated basic bibliographical details of all vascular plants.

Nature Publishing Group Titles (21 Titles)

Nature Publishing Group (NPG) is an international publishing company that publishes academic journals, magazines, online databases, and services in science and medicine. NPG's flagship publication is Nature, a prestigious weekly multidisciplinary journal first published in 1869. It also publishes Nature research journals, Nature Reviews journals (since 2000), and society-owned academic journals. The library has a subscription to 21 titles from Nature Publishing on the various subject area of science.

Perpetual access from 2007 - 2019

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Nature International Journal

Nature is the most highly cited weekly interdisciplinary journal that covers all field of science and technology.

Full-text access from 2007

Optical Society of America (Optics Infobase)

Optics InfoBase package provides access to 17 flagships, partnered, and co-published journals; OSA’s magazine, Optics & Photonics News; and the conference proceedings from all of OSA’s Topical Meetings.

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Oxford University Press

The OUP ESS collection provides full-text access to 262 titles in the area of life sciences, mathematics, physical sciences, medicine.

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Royal Society of Chemistry Gold Package

The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) is the Professional Body for chemists and the Learned Society for chemistry. RSC promotes the interests of chemists and the benefits of chemical science. The RSC is extremely active in determining the future of chemical education, seeking to influence Government by submitting evidence to Parliament and anticipating developments in education policy.

The library has a subscription to RSC Gold package which has 51 full-texttitleswhich include Journal and Magazine and one book series.

Full-text access from 2008

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Science Journal

Science is one of the oldest journal publishing since 1880. Science published an article on cutting edge research, scientific news and commentary. The journal is published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to science.

Full text access from 1997-2019

Springer Journals

Springer online premium STM collection offers 1700 journals; the platform provides a sophisticated search tool to access articles on various topics.

Springer Physics Collection

Springer Life Science Collection

Springer Mathematics Collection

Springer Chemistry Collection

Full-text access from 1997

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Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS)

PNAS is the official journal of the United State National Academy of Sciences. The journal is an authoritative source of high impact, original research that broadly spans the biological, physical and social sciences.

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The wiley established as the world's leading society publisher, Wiley offers an exceptional portfolio of over 8 million articles from 1,600 journals. Half of which are published in partnership with prestigious international scholarly and professional societies. Wiley titles cover the full spectrum of life, health and physical sciences, social science and the humanities, and include many titles ranked at the forefront of their field. The Wiley collection provides full-text access to 04 titles

Perpetual access up to 2019

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London Mathematical Society

The London Mathematical Society is the major UK learned society for mathematics. The Society's activities include publishing journals and books, providing grants to support mathematics and organising scientific meetings and lectures. The London Mathematical Society collection provides full-text access to 02 titles.

Perpetual access up to 2019

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The Journal of Biological Chemistry (Complementary)

The Journal of Biological Chemistry welcomes high-quality science that seeks to elucidate the molecular and cellular basis of biological processes. Papers published in JBC can therefore fall under the umbrellas of not only biological chemistry, chemical biology, or biochemistry, but also allied disciplines such as biophysics, systems biology, RNA biology, immunology, microbiology, neurobiology, epigenetics, computational biology, ’omics, and many more. The outcome of our focus on papers that contribute novel and important mechanistic insights, rather than on a particular topic area, is that JBC is truly a melting pot for scientists across disciplines.

Complimentary access for 2020