Order No. Subject View
IISERBPR/DIR/OO/13 Constitution of Institute Level Committees view
IISERBPR/DIR/OO/12 Addendum to Institute Safety Committee view
IISERBPR/RO/OO/2019/15 Appointment of Nodal Officer under the provisions of RTI Act, 2005. view
IISERBPR/RO/OO/2019/13 Joining Order of Shri Sudhira Panda as Junior Superintendent at IISER Berhampur view
IISERBPR/RO/OO/2019/12 Joining Order of Shri Surajit Patro as Junior Assistant (MS) at IISER Berhampur view
IISERBPR/RO/OO/2019/11 Joining Order of Shri Subrat Kumar Pattnaik as Office Assistant (MS) at IISER Berhampur view
IISERBPR/DO/OO/2019/10 Stock entry of Stores view
IISERBPR/RO/OO/2019/09 Constitution of Committee for Electronics Notice Board Content Filtration view
IISERBpr/2019-20/S&P/OO/001 Real time asset tagging and physical verification of fixed assets at IISER Berhampur. view
IISERBPR/RO/C/2019/08 Holiday on account of simultaneous General Elections to Lok Sabha and Odisha Legislative Assembly 2019 view
IISERBPR/RO/C/2019/07 Change of Holiday on account of Holi (2019) view
IISERBPR/DO/OO/03 Constitution of Standing Committee for Academic Matters for Non-Department Subjects view
IISERBPR/DIR/OO/2019/06 Constitution of Committee for Preparation of PhD Manual view
IISERBPR/RO/C/2019/06 Submission of Immovable Property Return (IPR)for the year 2017, as on 31.12.2018 by 15.02.2019 view
IISERBPR/DO/OO/2019/03 Reconstitution of Institute Space Committee view
IISERBPR/DO/OO/2019/02 Reconstitution of Building and Works Committee of IISER Berhampur view
IISERBPR/DO/OO/2018/09 Appointment of Faculty-In-Charge in the Department of Physical Sciences view
IISERBPR/DO/2018/06 Fee payable by the students of all Academic programmes beyond the normal period of course duration/ beyond the period of fellowship. view
IISERBPR/DO/2018/05 Assistantship for BSMS graduates from IISERs getting CGPA score of 8 or above (on a scale of 10) without having to appear for GATE view
IISERBPR/DIR/OO/98 Constitution of Institute Academic Affairs Committee (IAAC), IISER Berhampur view
IISERBPR/2018-19/S&P/OO/001 Tagging of fixed assets, IISER Berhampur view
IISERBPR/DIR/2017/03 Appointment of Acting Registrar, IISER Berhampur view
IISERBPR/DIR/OO/105 Release from All the Administrative Responsibilities- Dr Shashi Bhushan Singh, Asst. Professor - reg view
IISERBPR/Estt/B0036/202 Joining Order of Shri Mallikarjun Dora as Assistant Librarian at IISER Berhampur view
IISERBPR/DIR/OO/79 Constitution of Institute Level Committees view
IISERBPR/CoFA/B0034/38 Joining Order of Dr. Thirupathi Barla, Assistant Professor (Grade-I), in the Department of Chemical Sciences. view
IISERBPR/CoFA/B0032/27 Joining Order of Dr. Jose Sebastian, Assistant Professor (Grade-I), in the Department of Biological Sciences. view
IISERBPR/CoFA/B0031/26 Joining Order of Dr. Senthil Raani K S, Assistant Professor (Grade-I), in the Department of Mathematical Sciences. view
IISERBpr/Estt/B0029/118 Joining Order of Shri Sanjay Majhi as Executive Engineer at IISER Berhampur. view
IISERBPR/CoFA/B0028/19 Joining Order of Dr. Md Nasim, Assistant Professor, Department of Physics. view
IISERBpr/Estt/B0026/94 Joining Order of Shri Sunil Saraf as Technical Officer at IISER Berhampur. view
IISERBpr/Estt/B0027/106 Joining Order of Shri Kashi Nath Yadav as Physical Education Trainer at IISER Berhampur. view
IISERBpr/Estt/B0025/86 Joining Order of Dr. Pranat Jain as Scientific Assistant at IISER Berhampur. view
IISERBPR/Estt/B0024/01 Joining Order of Shri Ajit Kumar Mahapatra as Assistant Registrar at IISER Berhampur on deputation. view
IISERBPR/RO/2018/67 Institutional Holiday on the eve of Dr. BR Ambedkar Jayanti view
Ref: IISERBPR/DIR/OO/10 & IISERBpr/DO/Estt/2018/12 Institute Committees as per Sub-clause 14 of Clause 11 of the First Statutes of IISERs. view
IISERBPR/DO/Estt/2018/12 Assignment of responsibilities. view
IISERBPR/DIR/OO/10 Institute Committees as per Sub-clause 14 of Clause 11 of the First Statutes of IISERs. view
IISERBPR/DIR/OO/09 Assignment of responsibilities to non-teaching officials of IISER Berhampur. view
IISERBPR/DIR/OO/2018/13 Appointment of Acting Registrar, IISER Berhampur. view
IISERBPR/Recrt./DR/2017/14 Joining Order of Shri Rabindranath Pandit as Deputy Registrar at IISER Berhampur. view