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First Public Release at version 1.07

We are pleased to announce the public release of version 1.07 of the IISER Berhampur website. With this release, we are taking a big step towards our goal of giving our teachers, students, and the scientific community around the world an improved online experience. The following are some salient attributes and specifics of this release:

Website attributes:

1. Multilingual Support: To accommodate a wide audience, the website now supports a total of 27 languages. This guarantees accessibility and inclusivity by using 17 different languages, including 10 Indian languages.

2. Multi-device compatibility and responsive design: We employ responsive design due to the various methods consumers access our website. As a result, our website is responsive on desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. Our knowledge and resources are simple to access at the lab, library, or when travelling.

3. Cross-platform compatibility: We take into account the preferred technology of our users. To ensure best performance, our website has been developed and tested on Windows, macOS, and Linux. You receive the same top-notch experience on every device.

4. Data Management and Navigation: The site's design took into account a variety of user levels, from regular site visitors to senior scientists. Our website's arranged sections for various findings and resources make data distribution easier.

5. Accessibility and openness: IISER Berhampur respects openness. To promote transparency, we have included clear and comprehensive information on our development process, tools, and technologies in this release.

6. User-friendly Navigation: Our website's navigation is much simpler. Streamlined menus and organised content to make it easier for consumers to discover what they need. Prospective students, researchers, and visiting scholars can browse with ease because to our website's user-friendly layout.

Access to information on mobile devices is essential. We are able to surf our website on a phone or tablet thanks to its mobile-responsive design. Anywhere you are, you may stay connected to IISER Berhampur thanks to its mobile accessibility.

Information about development, environment, and construction:

- Version Control: To facilitate effective collaboration and version tracking, the project was handled using Git and hosted on GitHub.
- Development Tools: Microsoft Visual Studio Code was used to ease development and coding, ensuring efficient coding procedures.
- Local Server: Using XAMPP, a local development server environment was created for testing and debugging.
- Browsers: To ensure cross-browser compatibility, the website was thoroughly tested on Chrome.
- Design Tools: To produce eye-catching visuals and design elements, Adobe Photoshop, Canva, and Adobe Illustrator were used.

Support for Multiple Platforms:
- Operating Systems: To ensure compatibility with different platforms, the website was created and tested on Windows, macOS, and Linux systems.
- Technologies: A wide range of technology was used, including CKEditor, Apache, MySQL, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, and AJAX.
- Remote Access: To enable secure access and management, remote desktop solutions, including Fortinet, were used.

Utilisation of Hardware: 
- Server Hosting: The website was hosted on a Linux-based engine, which offered efficiency and stability.
- Tools Employed: Acer Aspire 5s, Acer Nitro 5 RTX 3050, HP Pavilion, Dell Inspiron 14, MSI Katana G63 RTX 3060, Apple iMac 51" i5, and Apple MacBook Air all played a part in the development process.

Google Translate, Quillbot, OpenAI, and DALLE are just a few of the AI tools that have been integrated to improve the user experience and quality of the material.

We are pleased with this accomplishment and prepared to offer a lively, informative, and instructional platform for scientific study. As we develop and get better, we value your suggestions. We are enthusiastic about these upgrades since they will improve IISER Berhampur's internet visibility while also making it as ethical, honest, and productive as possible.




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