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At IISER Berhampur, we understand the importance of effective communication and a strong online presence in today's digital age. Our Website Development Team is dedicated to creating and maintaining an engaging, informative, and user-friendly online platform that reflects the institute's values, achievements, and aspirations. 

Our mission is to showcase the excellence and innovation that define IISER Berhampur through a dynamic and visually appealing website. We aim to provide a seamless online experience for students, faculty, staff, researchers, and visitors, ensuring easy access to information, resources, and the latest updates from our vibrant academic community. 

We adopted five step approach during the development of this new portal. These approaches includes; (a) design and development, (b) content management, (c ) interactive features, (d) accessibility and inclusivity, and (e) security and performance.

Collaboration lies at the heart of our work. We actively engage with faculty, staff, students, and administrators to understand their needs and incorporate their feedback into the website's design and functionality. By working together, we ensure that the website remains a true representation of the IISER Berhampur community.

Web Development Team




Shri. Subrat Kumar Mallick


Shri. Dipak Kumar Maharana

Ms. Suman Swagatika


Ms. Monalisa Mahapatra

Shri. Abhijit Panigrahi


Ms. Aparna Dash

Ms. Sowmyasree Prusti


Shri. K Manoj Kumar



Get Involved: Are you passionate about web development, design, or content creation? Join our team of dedicated professionals and contribute to the enhancement of IISER Berhampur's online presence. Whether you are an experienced developer or a creative content creator, your skills can make a valuable impact.

Contact Us: Have suggestions, feedback, or inquiries related to the IISER Berhampur website? We'd love to hear from you! Reach out to our team at [contact email/phone number] and be a part of the journey towards creating an exceptional online experience for the IISER Berhampur community and beyond.

Explore our website and discover the stories, achievements, and opportunities that make IISER Berhampur a hub of knowledge and innovation. Together, let's continue to showcase excellence through our digital presence.






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