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  • Hearty Congratulations to our team iGEM for winning the GOLD medal in iGEM 2021 Competition and getting nominated for the "Best Diagnostic Project" Award (Top 5 Project among 36 International Teams competing in the Diagnostic Track)

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  • Hearty Congratulations to Dr. Santanu Bhattacharyya and Dr. Kommula Bramhaiah for their recent review article entitled "Challenges and Future Prospects of Graphene-Based Hybrids for Solar Fuel Generation: Moving Towards the Next Generation Photocatalysts" got accepted in RSC-Materials Advances.
  • Team Udaan of IISER Berhampur consisting of Ritika Sethi, Sankar Prasad Jana, Deepak Bisht represented India in the Grand Finals of the XI International Natural Sciences Tournament (INST) ( and bagged the 3rd position in the competition. Ritika Sethi and Deepak Bisht also secured 3rd position in the individual tournament.

  • Hearty Congratulations to Team Udaan and Qurious quintet, for securing 4th (Highest rank from India) & 6th rank respectively and selected for the Final round of International Natural Sciences Tournament (INST 2021).



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